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in the build of a drag/street truck!

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unsure.gif hey guys i need help on this build.....

well i want a truck that can bring me to the the 13's or higher down a 1/4 mile...

i have:

280z trans

ACT 3 puck clutchbiggrin.gif

z24 block



ka24e pistons

z22 stock head

-(will z24 rocker assembly fit on the z22 head)-

298 webcam

mikuni 44's

hooker exhaust

456 rearend (welded)


well this is the parts i have....

and was hoping if it was a good set up?


but if it has bads please let me know...


im looking for good top end and bottom end...

something high REVING!

what set up can bring me to that stage...

so if you guys have some good ideas....


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My '70 Dart weighed about 3,000 pounds and made 300hp. It would haul the quarter in 14.20 or just under. 3,000 by 300 hp is 10 pounds per hp. What does a 720 weigh? Must be close to that amount so you are going to need 300 hp, more probably.


You could reduce the truck weight if not street driven. Maybe a tube frame and fiberglass shell of a body like a funny car. If you could get the truck weight down to 1,500 pounds and that Z24 up to 150 hp you would have 10 pounds per hp and should hit the 14s.


150 hp Z24.... I don't know about that.


There are lots of guys on Guam that run insane times. I sometimes thing they are 1/8 mile runs they are so fast. This isn't one of them:


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The 280Z tranny will bolt up to the NAPS block but will be tilted toward the left with the shifter in the driver's hip.


KA24E pistons will raise the compression to about 9.9 in a Z24.


A Z22 head will fit the Z24 but has smaller ports.


Z20/22/24 rockers and cams are the same and will swap.


4:56 rear end sounds like a Ford. Nissan had a 4.623 in both H-190 and H-233.


NAPS Z engines aren't high revving as they don't breath well and need a lot of mods.

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