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1200 parts

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Hi all,

I have the following stuff for sale:




Dash fascia and gauges, good shape except that someone drilled the hole bigger put a starter button on the left side $50.00


SOLD--glove box door, fair shape, has been painted a couple of times--SOLD


glove box liner, not shown fair shape, a bit bent and some small tears but useable $10.00


carb, was on my 73 when I bought it last July, but it has a manual choke so is off a 71. Works good, was rebuilt before I bought the car. $50.00


510 accelerator pedal pad, used but nice, was thinking it would fit the 1200 but doesn't $5.00


1200 hood bumpers, new $10.00


Used fuse box and cover $10.00


thermostat housing, went to the trouble of starting to polish then realised it is different than my car, off a b210 maybe? $10.00


washer bottle with pump, new, bought this off ebay last year, was told it was off a b210, but it doesn't fit the b210 brackets I found in at the wrecker. Might have tobuild a bracket to hold it. $25.00


SOLD--Autometer tach, was in my 1200 dash when I bought it, have a factory tach now. A little dented on the ring.--SOLD


SOLD--Dino steering wheel. Don't have the hub adapter or the horn button.--SOLD


1200 seat tracks, one broken tab but useable if you can get one welded back on. $25.00


I live in Utah now so unless you are local I will have to ship. I would likely do USPS flat rate boxes ecxept for the big stuff, we can talk price on that if you wish. Make me an offer if you want. As for trade, I need some 210 (not b210) lower control arms, castor rods and ball joints (280zx strut swap parts), rear trunk area panels and floor, bumpers, windshield. If you have any of that and want to sell let me know please.


Thanks for looking.



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