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KA24DE dual 248 exhaust cam swap (240sx to '02Frontier)


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I know the vehicle isn't a true Datsun, but since so many of us are running some type of KA configuration, I thought it would be appropriate.

I drive my Frontier pretty hard- it's set up for light track use;

stiffer/lower/stickier... and i take it to autocross days when i can.


Been researching this cam swap for a long time now.

...reading countless threads on 240 sites, nico threads, hybrid sites, you name it...

the legendary TLOOF (ka god) has done numerous write ups on the different cam specs



i'll let you all read up if your interested- just search for ka24de cam swap


i was initially searching for a 248/232 setup from an S13/14,

but came across two 248 exhaust cams from an early model S13-



pretty tall compared to the 224/224 stock Frontier setup.



I haven't installed them yet- need a day off work so i'm not stranded if i need more time.


one issue i found was that the later model cyl heads don't have a #6 cam journal, so the S13 camshafts needed to have the rear journal oil ports and rear oil gallery plugged.





i could have just jammed some stuff in there, but wanted to do it right, so i have a machine shop drill and tap the rear oil gallery to plug the rear oil ports. cost me $60 but the guy who did the work normally charges $40 per cam, so i'm not sad.


it will prob be tuesday before i install them, so i will be letting you all know what happens.


just a note: there are some specific things you have to change to install early model cams in '98+ motors, so please read first so you don't BEND VALVES !!!


oh, i decided i might as well paint the valve cover while i had it off...:thumb:



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well, it's done. I got impatient, and dove in tonite after work.



was a little nerve wracking making sure everything lined up where it needed to be, didn't jump teeth, bind journals, ect...


this is what the stock cams sound like:




followed the Jim Wolf installation instructions together with a few other writeup threads.


here is the stock 224 cam VS. the 248 S13 exhaust cam:



installed new cams with lots of assembly lube:



exhaust goes in with dowel in same position as stock: 12noon


intake for the later model '98+ ka's changed to a different dowel position on the sprocket as well as changed to a single row chain- i had to use the stock sprockets, so:

-i had to move the intake sprocket exactly 4 teeth CCW to return the #1 lobes to the same position as the stock cam.




torqued it all to spec in proper order, and buttoned it all up


turned it over by hand several times to make sure there was no interference,

and fired it up:



It caught and started up instantly. went straight into a smooth idle at 900, no problem. revved it a few times- sounds good. no rattles or taps.






took it for a drive- didn't notice any low end loss like i've heard about.

felt pretty much stock as i cruised out of the neighborhood.


From a stop it accelerates close to stock until 4k, where it begins to pull hard and smooth all the way to 7k !!!


the stock powerband started at around 3500 and pulled strong until about 5500, where it fell flat on it's face.


it seems now that the powerband is much wider, more linear, and stronger- especially approaching redline.




the only loss that i noticed in this first impression is that nice lump of torque that used to be at 3500- it is now slightly less noticeable, but ramps up quickly as you pass 4000rpm.


bottom line- i REALLY like it. our trucks can always use more power, and even if this swap only nets a few more hp, the availability and range is night and day!


I really can't wait to get back to the track and beat on it a bit!

i'll keep you all posted.



NOTE: while this is a relatively easy swap, DO YOUR RESEARCH !!! there are a few things you have to take into account first, like addressing the rear journal oil gallery that needs to be plugged, and finding the right position for the new cam depending on which year motor you have. don't use this as a comprehensive how-to, more of a motivational thread :)

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Tloof. I've talked with him I think on a 720 site. Haven't heard from him in a long time.



he did several extensive writeups on KA builds- notably one that involved mounting an supercharger from an exterra/frontier v6 onto a truck ka with a 240 intake. tits.

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