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Mississippi people


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im relitively new to this sight and also pretty new to the whole datsun/nissan world and noticed that there arent that many southern people on here so i was just seing how many people on here might be from mississippi


i now have 2 720s 1 is a parts donar and have 2 521s which one of those is also a donor truck

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My in laws don't live very far from you. Were you ever on turbododge? I seem to recall a guy with a GLH out your way. I used to have an 85.


I had 2 of them, 86 Black with 17"s on it and a 85 Sante Fe Blue original. I'm still on turbododge and turbomopar, but I've always had my eye on a 510 and now have it in the works. What color 85 did you have?




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ha sorry i forgot i posted this... so kinda looking like i an the only one from mississippi...

1sad521 i am picking up the donor truck this weekend other than motor i dont know if i will use anything else on it... but i havent even looked at the truck before


keep me updated! if it looks any better than mine ill jump right on it

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I always tell folks from Mississippi that they are living "next to heaven". Louisiana is "heaven" and Mississippi is right next to it! Ha Ha! Of course, the truth is for us Datsun lovers, there are so few Datsuns in these parts that it can't really be heaven! I live in NW Louisiana and I think that I have the only two Datsun trucks in the Ark-La-Tex?

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