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s30 Rear Spindle Assembly

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Hopefully SOMEONE is parting out an s30 somewhere, and is willing to part with the rear spindle assemblies inexpensively (strut tube to spindle pin, including drum brakes). Just to clarify, my drum brake covers stubbornly refuse to come off, and one of my spindle pins is messed up, so I'd rather simplify the whole process and not have to remove the drum covers, so replacing the whole thing is the easiest.


I have springs and struts (but rear struts that aren't quite blown would be convenient if they're cheap), and my LCA's are in good shape, but I need everything that attaches between them on both sides, for the rear.


Here's a picture of what we're talking about:



PM me, email me at jobrien@drivendaily.org or call/text if you're local @ 510-229-7674


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