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AN fittings

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i should have some extras however, they are more than likely spoken for. I do however probably have some an6 to 3/8 i dont need, 6 of em, still in package. Might also have some spare 6an to tube nut/sleeves. Once my buddy tells me what fittings he wants from my left overs Ill let you know. Shoot me a pm so i remeber. (All my stuff is 6an / 3/8). Whatever i dont use will still be new in package and like someone else said you dont even want to know what i paid for it all.


edit, i see your using 8an. Dont havnt any of that stuff. Google race part solutions, thats where i got my stuff from...priced decent. The best place to get an stuff is ebay, buy a "lot", just make sure its not a bunch of stuff you'll never use

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