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freeze / welch plugs?


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Knock them into the water jacket with a small hammer. Grab them with a pair of vice grips, and pry them out.

Since you have to remove the motor to replace them, general practice is to replace them when you have easy access to them.

If you know the entire history of the motor, and there is no rust in the water jacket, you might consider leaving them in, but that is really not recommended.

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Agree with all above posts :D , just make sure not to mark up sealing surface area ;)


(1) I like to Punch them out with a large diameter socket or pipe/ball pein hammer combo ( socket preferably ) , heavier hammer on the socket , once in block retrieve to spin it towards you so it sticks out 1/2 way , then pull them out with a pair of vise grips ( or in my case all of them are rotten with the ring edges still left in emmm :blink: :lol: ) Also install with large socket or pipe/tool of the same diameter on the inside rim edge if you can ( for even pressure )


(2) Vacuum/flush out rocks and shit in block behind it ( some of my engines had rocks in them :blink: , some were very :D clean , IDK ? )


(3) I like to use brass core/freeze/welch/machining plugs for replacements :cool: , but nothing wrong with steel that's what is in many engines :)


(4) No reason not to replace since the things cost like $.60-$1.50 a piece , and remember to get ALL of them or it's not worth doing it ( front/back/sides ) ( one goes others are close in my experience. )


Just my experience + 2 cents

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