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wtb waterpump w/clutch fan & other stuff


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my water pumps getting a bit noisy, sounds like a bearings going out. need water pump that has clutch fan on it, i have the plastic fan no need for that. lemmy know a price.





also --


anyone have a truck they are getting ready to send to the scrapper or something? I would like to have the back axle and leaf springs, hoping for free or dirt cheap. dont care about tires to much right now. lemmy know...

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bump, someone local i know has one and r just afraid to admit it.. its cool if you own a ford, dont worry ill keep ir quiet lol... hook me up!


need axel & leafs plz


need clutch fan & water pump


Need rear brake hubs, anyone got some? i already turned mine but they are shit.. anyone got a set? 6lug

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