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My 1st 620


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Dude that truck is perfect! We NEED MORE PICS!! More info too biggrin.gif What year? What motor tranny? Congrats on your first 620. You will love the Hell out of it!



Its a 73 with a L16 4 speed. Found it on craigslist. Im so stoked on these Datsun trucks. I have always want a 67 chevy C-10 SB but at the moment thats a little out of my price range plus gas and all. But my friend has a 510 wagon with a SR20 and 4 link setup and i salivated over it so i decided why not a datsun pickup thats how i got the "datsun itch". Plus i need a truck for those quick home depot trips (well that was my excuse for buying it to my fiance!). My goal is to make it a nice daily driver that turns heads. Im not gonna bag it(i dont think) i prefer a coil over set up i really want to focus on handling and performance. as for engine i was fully leaning to a nice L20 setup nothing crazy but solid but someone planted the carbed KA24 seed in my ear. Im not that engine savy i know alot but never enough but from what i have researched the KA seems like it wont be that easy. So if anyone wants to drop some knowledge im open to any and all info. this forum has most of the angles covered from what i can tell.

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Aha! Nice lookin truck buddy. Hope you get it home safe brah. A carb'd KA would be badazz but the L series has the nostalgia and distinct sound when dual carbed. Where you from? South Dakota?



San Diego bureezu!! yeah-DAT made it home from Simi Valley.....gnarly drive for that little pick-up with only a minor setback on the way. but hey i got a 620 now!

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