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ARP DOHC Head stud kit

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I bought this kit for my motor, but I was sent a KA24DE kit (per seller this was for SOHC). So instead of having to ship again and go thru the hassle I would preffer to sell local and recoup my money to buy the correct kit.


Location: SoCal (Compton) CA. Willing to drive and meet up if needed.


Price: $130



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most ARP dealers should give you full credit (unopened) towards the correct part.



i took mine directly to ARP(around the corner) and they told me their dealers should do the same.


I got them from someone else (which they bought locally... in Canada). It took 2 weeks to get to me... don't want to wait 4+ weeks to get them back.


I'm going to buy the SOHC kit now since I want to get my truck back together.

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