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L18 with L20 peanut head, holley 450...


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Im brand new to the forum and am looking for guidance. i have a 74 620 pickup with an l18 in it. i built a custom intake manifold for it to accomidate a holley 450, 4barrel carb. i picked up a l20 (supposedly) peanut head off craigslist. im in an autoshop class at a local college and have access to all sorts of machining tools, and the guidance of a great professor. i want to make this thing stupid fast if possible, low end is more preferrable because i want to make this a pre-running boonie scooter. i need some advice on what changes to make to cams and such, im porting the head and doing it up real nice. this is a budget build, as most of my parts have been given to me, or aquired very cheaply. i want to avoid touching the block for now. any suggestions? also i want to do an electronic ignition, but am lost in the wealth of knowledge on this site.

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olddatsuns.com the tech section ,ck it out


i think a 450 Holley 4 barrel might be to much. esp a down draft set up as the airspeed will have to make a 90 deg bend.


Cams cost money. its the springs retainers and rocker arms that add alot of cost.


ck the HOW TOO section of this site and read.


best to make sure the exhaust manifolds ports match as later L20 heads were round port. Early nissan were square exhaust port.

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