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WTB, WTT: I want 280zx turbo swastika wheels. Have six pointers.

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I have these wheels --> 280zx.jpg



I want these wheels --> 280zxt.jpg



My wheels are not super clean but they are not in awful condition. Just dirty with a few scratches.

Here is what they look like when sorta clean.



I don't need show quality wheels just sorta nice if I put some elbow grease into it wheels.


I also have two sets of Z SU round top carbs I could trade also. The are in re-build-able condition.

Here are some pics.


No Tab 4 screw. 69-70 carbs I think.


3 screw, narrow tab. The better set. These may work without a rebuild. I would rebuild them though.

I also have a Z SU intake. It has water passages and a balance tube.


Im in Sunnyvale, CA near the city center Zip is 94086.

I would like to deal locally, But shipping is possible. My wife wants to go on a road trip to Portland some time soon. So we could work that out too if you live in that area.


Selling any and all that I have listed is also an option, but I really want these 15 inch wheels.


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Here are some more pictures of the wheels I have.


Before 1st cleanup I ever did.






Before 1st install.


Detail of Lip.



On car


Car at autocross







I will get some more current pics today.

I have not cleaned them in while though. They just have brake dust on them though which will wash off easy.


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