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Rear End Replacement ???


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i just purchased a dogleg 5 speed transmission for my 72 pickup. do i need to replace the rear end to match the upgrade? if i do, what kind?


thank you very much for your comments and suggestions.







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No. Don't worry about it.


The H-190 is good for almost 300 ft lbs of torque. That's about 3 L16 motors worth. Changing the tranny to a dogleg will actually lessen the torque applied to the differential because the gearing is higher than the stock 4 spd it replaces.

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Unless you something way unusual with your truck, no.

The speedometer may not read correctly after you do the swap, and if it does not, a good place to start is to pull the speedometer pinion out of your old four speed, and see if it will fit into the new five speed.

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Both the 200sx dogleg and the original 4 speed had the same 17 tooth pinion drive gear so the speedo should be largely unaffected by this swap. Leave it for now.



Daniel, the drive cog from the F4W63 will fit the FS5W63A dogleg by part number at least but the 17 tooth plastic drive gears have wildly different part numbers. They may be same number of teeth but different diameter and probably won't mesh properly. ???

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Hope this isn't too much of a Thread Jacking here...but I have had a hard time finding "bolt-in" speedo gears at the JY that fix my speedo issue. If it is off, and you end up wanting to fix it...do a search here and you will find all sorts of good answers and tech info on the issue :cool:

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