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New guy with a 720...


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Hey all, been reading the site quite a bit decided to post up.


I've got a 85 720, reg. cab, 5-spd with a z24, with a few mods done to her.

Just turned 90k miles, it's a shame the body doesn't reflect that though. =(


I've got one main question, has anyone swapped another trans in here? On Infamousnissan, a user has a 720 with a sohc ka but is running the stock transmission.


I'm going to be swapping a dohc along with a hb trans in, but don't know what to expect come tranny side. I've got the trans, crossmember and driveshaft from a hb, along with the factory stuff from the 720. It would be done already, most likely, but the truck is a dd and I am worried about the downtime from swapping the trans.


Thanks for any and all insight guys.


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The KA E or DE motor will mount up to the stock 720 5 spd.


The HB 5 speed for the KA motor is a couple of inches longer and will require the drive shaft to be shortened. The shifter hole may need to be enlarged slightly for the new location. The HB tranny is much stronger.


The DOHC tranny will have an electric speed sensor and not a cable driven speedometer. I believe the 720 drive cog will bolt in with the cable.

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Awesome information mike, however, my current trans will not handle the power seeing as it already grinds second =(


My main concern is physically mounting the transmission, any idea if the hb trans will work using the 720 crossmember or with even using the hb crossmember? I wonder if the hb driveshafts will work fine if using the hb transmission.


Also, the info for the speedometer is handy as well. Thanks for the help.

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