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620 longbed with PICS


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Here are some pics of the 75 longbed i'm looking at.First thing to go is the fugly "camper" The orange one will donate the hood, front guards,front fenders,door panels,tailgate and i found a center console in it :) I have an L16 i would like to put in it but am not sure if it will bolt up to the 5 speed (there is a difference between the L20b that is already in there and the L16 right?) The U67 head looks like it has had some work done to it, i also scored a mint 75 grill for it as well.

















































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that will be a nice score, are you just lookin or are you gettin? save it, restore it, customize it, but do not pass it buy, that will make a really cool cruiser..tom

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What to do with it is the question. Has a clean title, even has current tags. I have a down draft carb, manifold and exhaust (not the one that bolts to the manifold like in the pic) but the towers are loose on the head :angry: so i'm not sure what to do.. the easiest thing to do might be just putting in the L16 right now and get it going (unless someone has an L20b lying around and would be willing to bring it to Hood River)I'm definitely going to save it from the scrap metal people, just not sure what the plan of attack is yet.

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Nice score! Yeah the 'camper' has to go. :sick: :poop:

You might need a little air in the tires too. :rofl:


wow great finds, at least your yards have something in them unlike the ones around here.

I know what you mean. These guys kill me.Always finding Dattos in the jy. :crying:
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So the truck is getting dropped off at home on tuesday :D The original tail gate was found and its in great condition, i also picked up some 15" nissan rims for it that look sweet. Now the good news... i had no plan to keep this truck just wanted to save it. Any ideas on a price? Are the longbeds more desirable? It has very minor rust in the cab,none in the bed(the bed was replaced, the cab was dark blue but painted pale blue to match the bed.It has the L20b and 5 speed I plan on getting it running and seeing what if anything else is wrong with it. I have sss carbs for it and maybe a NOS tach if the price is right. The interior is very original (lovely stock radio) has 3 or 4 small cracks in the dash pad, the seat and door panels are alright but the ones in the orange truck are better and white, i plan on getting the doors,seat,heater,front guards,all glass,front valance and anything else i can get off it (all parts included in the sale) i have a mint 75 grill and another with a couple of cracks but still decent. As of this moment i have no idea what is wrong with the truck but i do know it just turned up at this small local yard with what looks like a head that was reconditioned (i am going to see the local machine shop to see if they worked on the head)and the previous owner started putting it back on and for some reason didn't finish it and i guess couldn't be bothered finishing it up. I am willing to sell it as it sits for $800obo(without the sss set up and tach)obviously more going and with those parts. Let me know what you think?

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Finally got the truck today, hooked up a fresh battery and checked all the lights, signals,wipers and heater. Everything works perfectly (so stoked) Picked up the rest of the parts from the orange one today as well so i should be able to fix up the front panels a bit. So now i just need to figure out the engine mystery (i would be stupid not to take the head off and have a look around right?) Will post some pics tommorow. It's for sale too, if anyone is interested :)

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So i have been doing some things to the 620 lately, i am in the process of replacing the front sheet metal


I picked up a recently rebuilt head to use



I'm also trying to figure out what wheels to use, I have the 15" nissan something wheels



But i'm really liking the 18" that were on my 4 runner




Can anyone recommend a tyre size that would fit snug to the 18 x 8.5 rim, they have 285/60 which are way to big and the tire rubs on the rear leaf spring. I was thinking maybe a 245/40 or something similar. I know there are a few guys using 18"s on the 620, but 8.5 wide? i don't plan lowering it, just trying to find a tire that will fill in the wheel well nicely.

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