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Looking at selling my 510 wagon

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Well i want to get everyones opinion. Im thinking of selling my 1972 datsun 510 wagon,Im thinking maybe 1500 OBO but let me know what you guys think.



Exterior- No big dent just little knicks here and there over all its good, no rust, needs paint job.


Interior- pretty much needs to be redone, the headliner is actually in really really good shape, the rear seat looks good, dash looks okay, dash pad needs replaced.


Drive train- It has a rebuilt L20 that runs great, 5 speed dogleg. i use this as a daily driver but only about 10 miles a day for about 2 years.


Suspension- the guy i bought it off of put air bags on it, put MR2 front struts with strut bags and used truck bags in the rear. one of the bags in the front is blown its a easy fix for 189 you can get a new bag for it. the tire rubbed on the bag and wore a hole in it. But still driveable but its low and pretty bumpy.


+ all the crome is pretty good- grill,headlight rings,bumpers,etc.

+ exhaust probably need redone just because its loud. Its has a header and a cherry bomb so like i said its loud.



LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK AND IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED. Thanks Jeff quadjr4@yahoo.com Im in San Diego Cali





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