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wtb: license plate lights

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i also need a set of the lights the go underneath the headlights.



So do you need the whole light assembly or just the lenses? I have an extra set of lenses.

I will look and see if I have a spare L. plate light as well.



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im asking for 2 different parts. the lights underneath the headlights and then the license plate lights.

so how is that not how parts ads work?

For What Vehicle?F10,1200,210,320,321,510,521,620,710,720,HB,810,240,260,280ect?

For what Year?60,65,70,75,80,83.5,or somewhere inbetween?

And fill out your profile info. Atleast then people would have some idea of what your lookin for.


Thats how want ads work!

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