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nissan A15


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hey ive got a nissan b310 with an A15.can i install a performnce air intake system..?


Most aftermarket "performance products" are just like fancy fishing lures.... they mostly catch fishermen. No performance air intake is going to significantly improve performance, certainly not $30-$80 worth. Noise is not performance.

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The cold air intake actually does make a significant performance difference, depending on where you live. In cold areas you can rejet the carb richer to go with the cold, denser air.


In areas where is is alway 100F/33C temp, like the south pacific, it won't do any good. The Nissan JDM cars are already jetted for the thinner warm air.


A12 carbs are factory-rich. A15/A14 are factory-lean.

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I have no problem with cold air intake just paying $50+ for it. I ran some 3" flex hose from the air snorkel down beside and out in front of the rad. Did it spin the tires? ............................. no. But only cost a couple of bucks to find out.

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On my car I have a teardrop bubble on the hood over the carb.

I've been thinking of how to open up the front to ram air down into the carb.

Yesterday I had the thought that I could cut it open in the front and put in an air horn.

Does anyone know any sources for such things?

I suppose it would be nice if it had about the same inside diameter as the throat of the carb,

then widen out a bit. Maybe rectangular shape would work best.


I'll try and get a pic of my setup so you can see what I'm going on about.

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