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73 pick up

73 pick em' up

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i just got this truck no more than a week ago and as i was driving it it got jammed in 3rd gear

do you guys know of a replacement trans that could go in with no modification

i though i found one off of a 74 620 but it was too long of a trans



If this is not your daily driver I can help you out. I have the transmission you need in storage in Fontana CA. It came out of a very clean 104k mile truck about 10 years ago and has been sitting inside since then. It will be a month or two before I can get out there. Send me an email Bob72gts@aol.com

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Get the '74 trans and the front half (or all) of the driveshaft. The '74 should have a slightly shorter drive shaft. Pretty sure this will work, but don't quote me.... measure everything first.


I think you will find the difference in the tranny lengths will be a little over 5". The '74 drive shaft length back to the first U-joint should be about 5" shorter than your '73. Longer tranny + shorter drive shaft = fixed.

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Either get a tranny out of another 73 or Like Mike said grab the tranny out of the 74 along with the WHOLE driveshaft, CROSSMEMBER (will bolt rite up to existing holes) & top plate in the interior. If you have the time & money you should upgrade to a 5 speed. Mite as well put in a new clutch kit too while your @ it.

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No relation to the seller:




"Shifts smoothe in all gears and synchroes $550. This trany is preferred by Datsun enthusiast and are said to be bullet proof."


Bullet proof is a relative term. This tranny is adequate for an L20B and is better suited for an L16 size motor. There's a reason it wasn't used in the truck L18s and L20Bs. The longer FS5W71B is much stronger and is used in the 620 trucks with L20Bs and also in the 280z and zx (non turbo) Once converted over to the long tranny you can find replacements from any '77-'83 280z/zx. '79-'84 Maxima gas or diesel, '77-'79 620 or the '80 720 trucks. Lots of different ratios and over drives to choose from.


For $550 I would want re-build receipts. For used, this is high.

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If it has a smooth bell and case and has a shifter like this, it's an FS5W63A dogleg 5speed:




If it has a bottom bolt on pan and looks like a waffle on the main case and this typr of shifter you have a stock early 620 F4W63 4 speed tranny:


Bottom tranny





The FS5W63A and the F4W63 are both are 63 series transmissions and may say so on the casting.





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The pilot bushing in the end of the crankshaft can go in 'dry'. It's made if sintered bronze and is impregnated with oil so good to go.


A new release bearing on the clutch arm will need to be packed with grease. Take a handful of bearing grease and work the bearing into it in a scooping motion with the other hand forcing the lube into the bearing cavities. Wipe off excess grease and install on bearing housing.


The housing that the bearing presses onto on the clutch arm also has a shallow cavity that should be lightly filled with a lithium base grease. Use a light coat of this lithium grease on the transmission input splines, the pivot ball on the transmission and the fork ends where the release bearing clips on. Don't forget a dab on the very end where the slave cylinder rod contacts the clutch arm.

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