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1984 720 runs good until it is warm (I think)?


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I have a 1984 datsun/nissan 2WD standard cab/bed. it runs very good until it get warm or after driving it a while then it shutters and dies. I have done a visual inspection of the vaccum lines and they all look good. the PO rebuilt the engine at 170,000 miles and it has 187,000 miles on it now. could it be the fuel filter is cloged or the fuel pump is bad? is it the carb or is it a vaccum leak? I know fuel injected porsches but carbed inport cars are new to me. thanks.

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i was having that same problem... first change your fuel filter, then you know thats a its done for a long time, and its real cheap too.. got mine for like 5 bux, then id get some carb cleaner and spray around vac lines and intake mountings and carb base and check like that for vac leakes.... if it revs slightly you got a vac leak.... if not that, clean ur carb real good and check to make sure the chock isnt sticking a little bit... then if still doing it id jus toss that old shitty carb out the window and get a weber.... (32/36 is a great upgrade with a lil more power and about the same gas milage as a good working stock)or a 38/38 for a more noticeble power( i have one for sale) so id start with that and let us know... also check plugs

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