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How do you get these vent windows out?


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Hello All!

I'm a newbie on here, but I've been lurking this forum for a while, and have always been able to find the answers I needed without posting anything, but I couldn't find anything on this...

I just picked up a 72 521 project that I'm going to build into a Super low budget daily driver. Both of the triangle vent windows are broken out, but the seals and frames look to be in good shape. I picked up a set of complete 521 doors at the Desert Datsuns swap meet this weekend just for the vent windows. The seals in the new doors are trashed, so I was hoping to remove just the triangle window glass and maybe the chrome frame from from the new doors and put them in my old doors that are on the truck. I unscrewed all of the small philips heads from the top of the door, but the windows are still attacked somwhere at the bottom. Has anyone done this, or know of an easy way to get these things out? Thanks for any help :)

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Jefe is right. There will be several "screws" holding the frame onto the door itself. Use some PB blaster or WD-40 & be patient. They tend to be tight & stubborn.

On a side note i was selling @ the PHX swap too, did you own the black 521 ?

No, I didn't bring my Datsun, I was in a dark blue Scion xb with no hubcaps. I actually just bought the 521 last week, and got it running just yesterday. Fired right up after sitting for over five years from what the p/o told me. I got it for $300, and its pretty much all there, and totally rust free. The motor is burning a lot of oil though, so im on the lookout for a decent l16 long block right now.

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There is a window bumper at the bottom of the rear window track, that has to come off then the window will go further into the door. I think there is 2 or 3 big #3 screws holding the front window track/ vent window frame in place plus the smaller ones you got to. After all the screws are out you kinda just have to gently pry and wiggle it out. Its really a bitch and removing glass really makes me on edge after shattering my perfect windshield for the 521.


If you look around in the door with a flashlight for a while you should figure out how the window tracks and everything works. Good luck.

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