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WTB matchbox dizzy for R16 and 67 411 fender

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Need a distributor for my 67.5 WRL411 and a fender as well.

Don't know which fender you need but try Tana the Datsun Lady aka Vindats1 on this site. In a pinch, if no 410 or 411 fenders can be found, 520 PU fenders can be modified to work. If the 520 has the parking/turn signal bridging the fender to front roll pan joint, fabricate a filler panel and it will look perfect.

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I wouldn't be too surprised if one could be made to fit fairly easily....like I did with the matchbox on the E1.


Yep, that's my plan.


I followed your procedure for my '63, so a 67 R16 shouldn't be hard at all.

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