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Crazy cool JDM truck wheels


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so i just scored these bad boys, i dont think i ever seen a wheel like this made by enkei.. 15x10, cant read the offset yet need to clean up backside of wheel..



ok first off im not a very happy camper at rhe moment. so with all due respect on behalf of myself lemme give you the good ol ratsun salutation. by saying FUCKYOU! LOL with that cleared.


i was guna drive 4 1/2 hours just to go get those this saturday. i was supposed to get a call back if i could leave a deposit but he sold em the next day without a response. you sir are the lucky first come first serve i guess congrats. all i gotta say is if theyre ever for sale can i get dibs. ^__^ cant wait to see what youre going to put them on.

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then theres these 2 mesh sets, which i would be down for but theyre only like 7.5" and only +25 offset.




I know this is late... But what would be the pricing on some mesh wheels like these...? I'm diggin' 'em..

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I know this is late... But what would be the pricing on some mesh wheels like these...? I'm diggin' 'em..


around 1000, usually a lil under.

which includes shipping from japan

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What are these?  If, When I win the lotto, they will be mine...

i see those pop up a late for sale (in japan) 

very pretty. i could get those for about 1000 or so shipped also

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