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1987 Ford Ranger Ext. Cab V6 5spd.

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1987 Ford Ranger Ext. Cab V6 5spd.


truck is in very nice shape i just replace alot of items including a 5spd out of a newer year ranger also a fresh clutch, shocks, P/s pump, A/c pump, flowmaster muff, mags of a newer year ranger with decent tires, the bed had a dent some one fixed with alot of bondo it was the only problem area on the truck so i found a clean bed and replaced it. I just paid all the DMV fees ($486 in back fees) all it needs is a smog, i also just put 2 new cats and cleaned the EGR so it should pass smog with flying colors.


this truck is the perfect start to a Pre runner project thats what i was going to do it.. has a very strong motor and this truck MOVES!!! or use it as a work truck datsun tow hauler whatever you may need this truck can do has no oil leaks only thing this truck dose need is the UPPER P/s hose i just replaced the pump but the hose is still leaking a lil bit.... if i get a chance to make it up yo the j/y i may beable to pick one up befor i sell or trade it


im looking for $2000.00 OBO!!!!!!


or will trade for datsun 510 wagon/4dr,2dr or maybe a 620 pickup, dose NOT have to run but i would atleast like it to be complete and lil to no rust.. blown motors bad trannys ect ect is fine im a mechanic and can work problems like that out.....





















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