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My island '74 710


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Young lad from Quebec who's working for his father in town wanted it. He has a 620 and a 510 and wants to add this to his garage. He may return to Quebec or may end up staying on the Island. Be nice to keep track of her.





Home from the paint shop and new shoes.





The day I bought it almost 9 years ago

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Ha ha ha, yup those are the wheels off the goon, and they hold air. Got new rubber on it. I took it as far as I was willing and to hold onto it and let it sink into the lawn when someone else can have fun with it was / is just just wrong somehow. Maybe it'll have an SR next year and a 6 speed.  :lol:

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From start to finish was just under 72 hours so not enough time to regret but enough to feel right about it. The car came with some paperwork. A will signed by the owner transferring it to his daughter in 2002, a storage fee from that year, a receipt for a rad repair and a carb in the '80s. Grahem bought it at an estate sale but never put it on the road, took him several years to get the ownership straightened out because the daughter divorced her husband and he didn't forward the inquiries. (or something)


Can't find the picture but drove it out to Tofino for my wedding and honeymoon. Good times.

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(yeah I saw that :blush: ) It's spur of the moment and the car has suffered from sitting so it's not like 5 years ago. Sorry Tolkmod, my bad. The other things are, doing it fast so less time for feeling bad about it and honestly, it needs a home. Time to let go....




Sokay man... I know how that feels.  Right now if someone came up and offered me some cash for my B210 i'd have to take it.  I'm now on my 8th surgery with this stupid knee, and don't see myself being able to drive it again. 


If i do, it'll be a miracle lol 


At least every other day I get to sit half way in it and start it up, smell the engine, and let it purr for a few minutes.   It's bout all the Datsun fix i can get these days lol

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