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Bad Injector?


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Hey, just picked up some 370cc injectors for my KA build, and I noticed that there's a small gouge at the very tip of one of them. It didn't touch the 4 spray holes, but I'm just wondering if this is going to screw up my spray pattern or anything. Here's some pics to give you an idea of what I'm talkin' about..






Not the greatest pics, but I think you get the point. Looks like it got scratched or something. It's not horrible, but it's not perfect either. The rest of em are fine.

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Factory Service Manual. Priceless for doing a engine swap. Hell any maintence. Having the proper reference material keeps you from fucking up good parts. You can download a KA Service Manual from KA-T.org. Or check E-gay I got a 92 240Sx Manual for $15 + shipping. Has everything you should need.


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Ya a nick in the tip should be no big deal. To check to see if they will seal up ok due to the damage you threw in there and that the spray patters are ok you can take the previous advice.


To get them out without breaking them, for most injectors not really ka's in general I heat the rail around the injectors to soften the rubber seals that are all seized up and to expend the metal. Sometimes quenching with a penetrating oil, depends how much trouble they are giving me and how important it is that I don't break them lol. If you can't spin them out by hand and have to use channel locks or some such somethings going to break, I mean plastic come on lol.

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Ha, thanks guys. I hung it up shortly after posting this thread. I was gettin' pretty frustrated.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to use these for my KA, they may be too small for my build.. kinda disappointing, seeing as how I bought them already. I've been trying to keep from buying impulsively, just to save myself from changing my mind mid-build, and having to sell a buncha stuff for less than I bought it. I'd like to have the entire thing built in my mind and out on paper before I buy a single bolt... live and learn, I suppose.:rolleyes:

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Yeah, I wish I would have thought that through a little better, I would have just gone for the 440s or 550s and save myself the hassle. I think I'm shooting for about 250-260hp for the time being.

I blew it on a set of rods today too. Damn.. battin' a 1000 lately.:mad:

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