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Ruin Your Engine


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some are actually stupid though...... i got to witness a water injection system hooked up to a car to control detonation... thats cool but the water sprayer was hooked up to the crankcase rather than the air cleaner.... some are stupid

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Been tried like 10 times, this ones not even semi convincing. I think the people who take the time to argue it as if were real are the real chumps.....


There is a few good REAL ones, I don't like the fakes. They detract from the utter retardation of the real ones.


The VW wheel was real, the BMW 60k miles on a oil change is real etc....

The nos drink in the gas tank is fake,the DEI was fake, this bs is fake etc....

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a guy and his wife was getting a divorce.. she wanted the vette and so did he.. Well he took the vette.. before she let him have it she poured valve polishing compound into the oil. Ate the bearings up.

id take that over the crow bar body work i got :angry:

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Walked into my sons shop one day and he was pulling a small block Ford 302 out of a near new Granada. It had a hole in the block big enough to stick your fist through. I asked Brad what happened to it, and he said someone told the owner to put water down the carb while it was running for a cheap tune up. I asked my boy how that could have blown the side out of the block? His answer was, "well dad he was using a garden hose"

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