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Reman. Z24 head, 240sx block, and other stuff FOR SALE!

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Like the title says, I got stuff that needs to go! Some of the bigger items are


Z24 head that has been machined, seats and valves ground, and new guides. Comes with rocker assembly and cam. $200 obo

89-90 240sx block. Bare block, has not been magnafluxed yet. Will trade for KA truck block or $15.

89-90 240sx oil pan. $10

Z24 oil pan. $10

80-86 720 Dash. Tan in color. Comes with base model 85 720 gauge cluster and bezel. $15

bunch of Z24 parts (pistions, crank, etc.)


Hit me up with a PM with what you want and a price and I'll let you know. Sunday this stuff goes up on craigslist so get it before someone else does!

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no problem man, but hey is there anything special about those 240 blocks? rarity? i was at the yard the other day and i saw a 240, i popped the hood expecting to see a ka24 but it was a z24, i dont know a whole lot about them, would the z24 be able to interchange with an l20b head as the z22's do?

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