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L18 for sale


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I am throwing this up to see if there are any interested parties before I list this locally.


I have a running L18 with approximatley 50-60,xxx miles on it. It has a Weber 32/36, Offy Intake, mild head work etc. It has no exhaust manifold. It had a header but I took it off becuase one tube was smashed and gave it to DATDOUG.


Taking Realistic Offers - Remember, it runs well and has no leaks or BS modifications. The engine is located in Washington State.


You can PM me. This is posted in the classified section as well.

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It is located in Gig Harbor. I noticed your location. I was just in Ilwaco/Longbeach for Thanksgiving. You also list Seattle. Are you a crabber?


No, not a crabber. I just like the coast. I used to work on the draggers out of Dutch Harbor. Now I sail on research ships out of Seattle.

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I fished commercially for about 10 years. I spent a lot of time on Purse Seiners in the SE District of Alaska. I dragged on the Unimak Enterprise out of Dutch in 1995. Tyson Seafoods owned that boat. Tyson bowed out of the industry when the floor fell through in 1997-98. I fished for Squid and Sardines in California which we called pleasure seining. I ended up talking to some guys when I was in Ilwaco and it's good to see the industry still alive and kicking.


If you're interested in the motor we can talk some more.

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Hey fella's...I got many of your PM's and just spaced on getting back. I took the spare L18 apart today to examine the head, block, timing cover etc. In a nuitshell this would not have been an ideal candidate for a direct replacement. The pictures will tell the story. I will have a a better description up tomorrow when I can get my camera pics downloaded. Some of these parts will be up for grabs.



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