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For Sale:($200) 1977 Datsun 710 4-door Portland Or.

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Here's the skinny.


I don't have the time any longer to sink in this beautiful '77.

She is in BEAUTIFUL cosmetic condition...


Her history:

I'm the 3rd owner.

The 1st was a Lutheran Minister who drove it locally ONLY. He originally bought it brand new from the storeroom. The 2nd owner drove her until the carb needed rebuilt. I then bought her for $250.

She blew a gasket in 2007. I have been struggling with the lack of jobs and other bills so i couldn't give her the time and love she needed.

The head has been to the machinist and taken care of. Brand new timing chain, gaskets, etc, etc.



Given her history...I think the 180k miles may be Original?


All of the parts(...and some extras.) are there. I just dont have the time with being a father and working 40-50hr weeks.


All i want to see from her is the original investment i put into her.


I'm putting this on craigslist as well, but if any of you from the board want her I will take $200. She will need to be towed and it has to be this weekend as her storage space is no longer going to be available.


She's a great car, i just need to be realistic with my time...

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forgot to mention....
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Who know's. I told him that I would take it and arranged for a tow out to Hood River today and the guy evaporated. Won't pick up the phone and won't call me back so I am assuming that he found a local buyer. Might even have been abducted by aliens for all I know. Oh well, one less car taking up parking on my street.

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