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How to repair a 620 glove box door!


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Sorry If I cant explain it well. But hopefully you can understand how I did it so you can fix your door too!!!!


What you first need it a screw driver and this clear plastic vinyl!



I bought 3 feet to be on the safe side from the swap meet.




First step is to remove your 620 glove door and not loose all the screws.


Then once the glove door is off remove the bottom bolts from that glove door.


Next cut a piece of vinyl to the same size as the base of the door and 1 1/2 feet tall.


now slowly separate the door in half. Just enough so you can place the vinyl inside.



Place the vinyl in deep into the doors crack. Make sure the the vinyl goes over the screw holes. That is very important!!!!


Once the vinyl plastic is deep inside. Place screw back on the door and and close the door up. YOU NEED TO RIP/PENETRATE THE VINYL PLASTIC! DOING THIS MAKES THE VINYL PLASTIC HAvE A NICE PLACE TO HOLD ON TO.


So it would look something like this...






Now install the door back to the truck.


Now place the vinyl under the glove box and screw the door back into place like the pic depicts below...






Good luck and enjoy!

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Great idea.:D Apparantly your guys further south and your sunshine are a little harder on glove box doors.


Of the four 620's that i have had, i have never had a broken door. However i do had at least tow spare doors right now, just in case.:D Would be willing to let one go too.

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I used you basic method but didn't have any vinyl laying around and they wanted like $8 for a roll. I took a stroll around Wal-e-world and found some black vinyl report covers in the back to school section. $1.97 + tax and I was on my way to a fixed and functional glove box.


All I had to do was trim off the flaps for holding the papers in with a box cutter and trimmed it to size and installed like above. Done. Thanks for the great starting point.:thumbup:

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I decided on (3) tiny (1/16") black plastic pull ties.  I drilled 1/16" holes in the bottom of the door inner panel and correspondingly in the 3 bolt hole flange.


It articulates smoothly and frankly, it's very hard to notice the black ties since the locking head is only 1/8" cubic.

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