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Factory is best.


Haynes DATSUN PICK-UP '73-'79 28022 (277) is excellent for wiring diagrams but the 620 had 3 motors, 3 trannys plus automatic, disc and drum front, and almost every year was a different smog control so a lot of things are sparse.


Chilton's NISSAN Pick-ups and Pathfinder '70-'88. Fills a lot of gaps and explains smog equipment function and theory of operation, lots of pictures and specs. Includes Z series carb and TBI info as well as some early VG. Totally forget it if you want wiring diagrams, they are CRAP!

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I have been able to purchase ALL factory service manuals off of ebay. I now have them all, 1973-79. I watched, and bought, one by one the cheapest ones. Some sellers have them listed WAY too high. But they can be found. Yes, they are INVALUABLE and You should get one.

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I used my Haynes manual for just the general maintanence and tune up information. The wiring diagram in the Datsun 610 book is a direct cut from the FSM (score 1 for the Haynes). Also, many of the diagrams for some of the major components are a direct cut from the FSM (I'll give that half a point). I have found the Chilton to be broader, more of the phrase "other models similar" is written in Chilton than in Haynes.


If the Haynes and the Chilton are sitting on a shelf, ready for purchase, I would buy the Haynes, its more model specific. But the Factory Service Manual is the definite buy for the bookshelf. You will inevitably get to working on something on the car/truck that requires the specifics that only the FSM has printed in it.


Hope that helps.

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One of my favorite Datsun books (How to keep your Datsun alive)

It's written with very specific directions and had great explainations of specific procedures in great detail.



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