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710 Grille for sale

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First of all Hi! Sorry to clutter up your forum.


I've got a 710 grille for sale, I believe it fits 73 - 77, unsure of later years.




Hate to post on boards I am not normally active on but thought someone may be in need of this. I have an old BMW and know finding parts for older cars can sometimes be a pain.


Anywho - grille is in good shape, it was taken off the vehicle in early 80's and stored since. It has one broken tab over the driver's side headlight but the tab is still usable. Otherwise in decent used shape, should clean up nice. Included a pic here, but not sure if I can post pics. I can take more pics to send if anyone is interested.


Part is located in Canada, would prefer a Canadian buyer to reduce hassels, but sure am willing to work with whoever wants it.


Asking $60.00 or best plus shipping. Feel free to let me know if this is a ripoff price, not looking to scam, just hoping the part gets to someone who could really use it.


Easiest way to contact me is daleholidayz@hotmail.com I'll try and keep an eye on this thread too.


Sorry to crash your forum, understood if the mods delete this.




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