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A12A into 68 520


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I have been searching for a decent engine that would easily replace my j13 for just about a year now, but I can't find any thing. Today I found a 1981 210 with an a12a with a 4 speed. I few questions that I hope ya all can help me with.

1. Is the A12 a good engine?

2. Has anyone ever done a A-J swap

3. Will this engine have enough power(I not looking for high performance)

Thanks for your help.

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It should fit no problems just modify the engine mounts. Use the A12A tranmission. The drive shaft might even fit.


It will probably have about the same torque and a bit more power than the J13. But not much more (1237 cc).


I would go with an A14 or A15 unless the A12A is a bargain. Otherwise it will (still) be pretty slow.

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There was a beautiful silver NL320 sold on ebay a year or two ago in Phoenix, that had an A15 with air conditioner installed. They did a beautiful job. I plan on putting one into one of my NL320s, the problem I had was the fact that the 210 5 speed tranny is now worth 500 to 700 dollars due to it's use as the rivergate MG tranny. I could find A15s all over the place, but the tranny was gone, and I really wanted a 5 speed. I had a 1980 210 back in my college days, had a blast with it, and consider that engine and tranny to be very mechanically sound.

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Thanks guys

the owner of the car want $300 for it but I think that is a little to high.

I datsun engines around here are just about imposible to find so I think this might just be the best bet right now. I just want to drive this truck.

What would a fair price to pay for this car?

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An A-series would be a great swap - probably the easiest one possible. I have to agree with ggzilla. The A12A may not give much of a performance improvement. At $300 the price is fair and once the swap is done you could always keep an eye out for an A14 or A15 to toss in later.

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