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620 deluxe


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did some googling.. ran across this..


"There were very few options available on the 620 sold in the US- aside from the 3 body styles (Shortbed, Longbed, Kingcab) you could get as options an AM radio (later models, especially the Deluxe King Cab could be found with an AM/FM stereo), a dash clock (thought by some to be the rarest 620 option), an Air Conditioner (Dealer-installed early but was a factory option later) and a Tachometer (a favorite upgrade for many 620 owners). Interior colors for the seat and door panels were limited to Black (the most common) and Beige (a rare few King Cabs even had beige dashboards). Exterior colors were pastel colors- Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, White, and Beige, though some later ones were sold in metallics (mostly blue and silver). Quite a few got striping and other upgrades apart from the "Li'l Hustler"."

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Mine is all brown leather seats an black dash etc,

my key snapped off locking the door tonight arghh :mad:

plans are to get some stock steelies paint black, dump on its guts, notch it then eventually bags, but keep the outside relatively stock

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The only thing that made a KC a "Deluxe" off the lot was the bucket seats and the center console. Non-deluxe KCs had a bench, which was actually somewhat rare as most KCs were "Deluxe". I'm not sure, but I also think that a radio was standard on the Deluxe, as it wasn't standard on everything else.


A/C, a Clock, a Tach, or cloth door panels/seats ('79 only) were options, not part of the Deluxe package. Most Deluxes had striping packages on the exterior, but not all, and you could get striping on anything.

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