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im new

77 rustrat

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wassup everyone i just started on the forum today so i thought that i would give you a lil history. first off i own and operate reaper kustumz inc. a mini truck/import shop out of sumter,s.c. my 77 datsun is going to be my business card. and let me tell you i love this truck. this is actually my second datsun my first one caught fire from a carb backfire that caught the airfilter on fire which in turn decided to take my entire truck with it. any ways moving forward to modern day i now have a 77 datsun that i got for 100% free. it started out as me getting a piece of crap motorcycle for my birthday from a friend as a joke then i traded the motorcycle for a 81 transam that needed alot of work which i still didnt want then traded that for a 85 ford bronco lifted on 33's with a 8000lb winch hanging off the truck. now with me being a mini trucker i had use for the bronco as a tow pig but no use for the winch well a buddy of mine said that if the winch worked then he would trade me a 77 datsun for the winch so i made the deal and now i have my datsun. now im no lucky man i usually get the short straw but some how this worked out for me and now im where i am at now. so far i have done nothing to the truck save for taking about 1000lb of scrap parts and junk out of the bed. now for the truck it has its usual rust on it and the floor boards are completely gone but its a good base for work thats about be started on it hopefully monday. plans include taking it down to just a cab and frame. so that i can repair all the rust in the cab and start boxing the frame for bags and cutting 3" off the bottom of the frame under the cab for a stock floor body drop. but we will see what happens but for now this should hold you over until i take pics of it tomarrow. wish me luck and let me know what you think.

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Man that is a good story and some good horse trading . I myself lost my 1st 620 to a fire but it as electrical related . It was my first project truck and when finished it was a full blown custom . I was 15 when that happened, now I am 30 and have my second one . Maybe when I am 45 I will get another one , hmmm I will not last that long . I will get another one sooner than that lol . Any how welcome to Ratsun ...........

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welcome to ratsun, and nice job tradin up, i was stationed at shaw afb, back in the late 70's and early 80's, back then mini's were alot differant then now, also back then i was more into custom vans, mini's were just takin off over there at that time, but as time went on i converted over to datsuns, as they were always my favorite mini truck. some thing about the body lines of the 620 that are so appealing. welcome home to ratsun, we have the very best in all aspects for datsun resto and customs info, hope to be seein your new ride soon.

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Oh and as you can see the site has a lot of love, just be sure to search for things before asking question . The first thing people will say when you ask a question is DID YOU SEARCH THE SITE :lol: just a fair warning oh and we are picture hounds . But I think you figured that out already .......

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Welcome to Ratsun :cool:


like slam said, its always best to search first as alot of things have been covered in the past. Its good to have a bit of thick skin sometimes as well, just remember if you ask for peoples opinions thats exactly what youl get :D



oh ya :D Ratsun is full of picture whores :lol:



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lol do it. but hey ive got a question ive got a set of "mud tire" type rims on the truck they have like triangle holes on them if anyone knows what i mean. but what do you think they would look like with low pros on them painted black with a polished lip just curious. im starting to like the aggresive type wheel and tire applications

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