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Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a car OR tools of any kind

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Welcome to fail town USA everyone. He failed in so many ways in a row is just ridiculous and then even goes on to try and argue in the following pages lol. He even has the balls to blame VW, oy vey....


This guy is ABOUT as smart as a bag of rocks.



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so the reason he is taking a saws all to this rim is all because he striped a security nut? wow thats insane. I was told by an old man once to use a little anti-seize compound so that it will never lock that bad. imagine if you were on the side of the road with this problem.

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I've reached maximum density on threads like that. Hard to believe it wasn't staged to produce a viewing frenzy that feeds on itself. A reality show that cost only a crappy rim and a drill bit. Probably added 500 new members so they could heap abuse on that guy. Read 2-3 pages and skipped to the end. Only wasted 2 minutes of my life.... Reminds me of this:




Guy writes this will work better than a turbo and then 200 pages of everyone explaining how it wouldn't. Idiots.

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I wouldn't try and speak for an entire forum but you have my word if someone posted that bullshit here I would be the 1st to tell them how retarded they were. I'm already semi-disliked because I call people on shit you honestly think that abortion wouldn't be made fun of? Ya ok.....


I think the proper thing would be to vote for a ban so that cancer wouldn't spread lmao

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