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shorty headers, being made again!!

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Thanks bro, I was looking at them, you just saved me alot of headache!


You have no Idea what a piece of crap these are! And to make things worse I got refund minus the shipping AND I HAD TO PAY SHIPPING BACK TO THE SELLER so I lost like $75 bucks! But these where so crappy I was worth the loss! Soon after I found a NISMO header which was worth every penny!!!!:D

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Top End performance sell them for 149.Made by Trimill in Los Angeles

I seen them run on a number of cars.

The paint on there is CHEAP and youll need to get it CERAMIC COATED(extra 100$ on your own,

they come with a white gasket. I have heard of some fitting loose on the head studs. But most I have seen work OK.

I would use this to replace the nasty L20 smog manifolds as they are hard to get the lower intake/exhaust bolts.


The header flange is 3/8 thick. but I wished they could have machine it more flat as I see some irregularities in there.


PS Those old HOOKER header are cheap also!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I dont think they are that bad. I seen about 5 to 6 of them and nobody had any leaks. Heard of 1 leak.Just look like SHIT if not coated as they RUST fast and make the motor look nasty.


Baz(Datsport) in Austrailia says the stock L16 type manifold can handle up to 150hp EZ. just you need to make a nice Y pipe as the stock one is restrictive.


As for the Nismo headers I heard of quaility proplems there also now. plus most are for the L16/L18 and will not fit the trucks(torsion bars) and if using a L20 it will hit the floor.As these are the long runner type. Face the facts Unless you gota huge cam and sidedrafts I would not worry about it.

get the header to get ridof the Later L20 manifolds. Thats the main reason to get one. Otherwise the L16 510/521 manifold is good for most cases. Esp if just a down draft carb or even sidedrafts.



Bills Datsun???????? Dont give him any money. matter of fact show him the Link to Tope End Performance, Dave Turner sold these also with ClassicDatsun Motorsports


hessianben just got one PM him and ask what he thinks. But get it ceramic coated

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I have a set of the Bill's Datsun headers... almost three years now? Look handmade, so I don't expect Borla quality. Haven't had any issues, except for a gasket leak which I've *always* had problems with. :P

And the paint. But that just makes 'em more Ratsun. :fu:

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