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help please 620 fill plug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I just went and got some tranny fluid and drained my tranny. the fill plug is rusted and a little stripped. I CANT GET IT OFF! im kinda limited on tools.... i have been trying open ended wrenches and a cheater bar. I have money to buy whatever tools ill need PLEASE HELP :(

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I would have to agree. At this point you may be better off with a pair of vise grips. You might try smacking it on the end a couple times with a hammer. It's an aluminum case so be fairly gentle. You just want to break loose any corrosion is any is there.


Good luck.

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Yeah, I agree with yellow, A good set of vise crips, and clamp it down as tight as you can. If you can get your truck high enough off the ground (safely), crawl under and use your foot to break it.



X2. had to do that with my Jetta once or twice. royal PITA when ya have to do it but whats done is done adn ya make the best out of what you got.


also try a pipe wrench. that worked for me when i did the one on my 73.

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if it is a 3/8 or 1/2 square for a socket drive you probly dont have enough of the outside threads showing to get a pair of vise grips on there. what iv dont when all else fails is get a quality torx bit one that just barely doesnt fit in the hole youll probly have to drill the bolt to make it round and smash the torx in there so each of the little points grip the inside of the bolt. iv used this trick on alot of things exhaust manifold bolts hood hinge bolts probly a drain plug at one point too. and if it doesnt work use an extractor, a square one, the round ones i dont like they just dont seem to do it. or alot of pb blast and a big hammer that works too

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im not disagreeing with any one but on the 260z after doing a r200 convertion the plug was so damaged and seized that a 12inch pipe wrench with 3 foot braker pipe had no effect ,,then i used a propane torch on the steel plug for 30sec then sprayed it with cold water out of a spraybottle ,,it took almost no effert to remove after that ,,and no damaged threads..


this is just what has worked for me ,,,please remember that their is fuel under there,,

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Different tranny Chuck. It's a solid aluminum case with steel bung. Some have an external square 'nut' and newer ones have an internal square hole that a 1/2" drive ratchet (without socket) will fit in and twist out. Like this:



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