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messin around with the guages


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since I borrowed so many parts from my 73 for other trucks, I didn't have enough spair parts to put the 73 back together again. I didn't have the plastic for the guage cluster so I fabricated this. What do you guys/girls think?





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When I made mine, I used a cluster cone that was already busted, delete insert where the tach is which someone already cut a hole in, and superglue. I bored the already cut hole in the delete insert until I had just a narrow edge where the face of the tach would show threw. Then I super glued what was left of the insert to the tachometer and I had my mount. As for the cone, I drilled holes where the delete incert mounts would be, and the cone I used for the tach slid over the mounting studs. Kinda the way I did the plexyglass on my 73.


So I didn't even have to use any "good" stuff to make that.




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looks good. i have a sunpro supertach 2 in my 73. works good too. but i am not happy with the size either. its too small. my OE tach doesn't work so i threw that one back in. i have ontohter cluster for my 78 with a HUGE 5 inch mallory tach with shift light but like i said its HUGE. i might figure out a pod setup for it and try to find a clock fo the 73 and use the mallory one in the 73 but who knows.

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