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5 1/4 don't fit that good but they work... The next size down would be better. Someone already cut a notch in my truck and installed some junk 5 1/4's and I swapped better ones in. The notch was so the speaker terminals don't short out against the body. To make them "right" the holes should be cut out some so the speaker seats better. I have a 5 1/4 in another truck that has not been cut, but I had to tape up the speaker terminsls so they wont short.

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The spacers all together are ruffly 2" thick. I didn't have to do anything to the studs. These spacers were originally intenede for a full size chevy or 6 lug dodge so they are plenty strong. The only problem I had with the spacers was that the bolts that hold them together were cheap unhardened steel. The heads would strip out at 50ft lbs which in my book isn't tight enough for wheels. I bought a new set at a hardware store, have everything set at 100 ft lbs.


As for the lights, I lucked out. Someone left about 4 corvairs at our house, one of them happened to have those lights in it. I just took them since the cars have been here for 5 yrs now.

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