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starter issues


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well my starter took a shit (wouldnt stop spinning when i moved the key from start to on and sounded like it wasent engaging the flywheel eather) where can i get a good starter one that wont take a shit on me the one i have is currently a kregan reman and its got a lifetime warrenty but i want to get a better quality one i dont want to change the thing every year

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I know for sure the 280zx turbo ones are gear reduction. I am not sure if all 280zx starters are. I did put one in my 510 and its loader than the engine. Sounds like Im starting a jet engine. I like it!


I would get the one you have or one from a yard rebuilt by a local rebuild shop. I have done this with an alternator and it has turned out well. Its a little on the expensive side though.



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Yeah, Pull n Save gear reduction ones. I ran one the last 2-3 years on my SX. I got another as a spare, or for my 510 when it runs again. Swapped it onto the SX to be sure it was good before the 30 day guarantee was up, and its been starting all summer. Then I just found a third one in the trunk of the 510. I must have picked up last summer and forgot about it. I don't know if the gear drive starters last longer, but they sound cool and turn the engine over faster. I always thought if you had a border-line starting problem, the gear starter might get it going when a normal starter wouldn't.



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