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wanted rust free 520-521

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It seems mines pretty rusty . So Im just seeing whats out there on the west coast.


Ill consider a good runner or a non runner , just needs to be not a rust bucket.


would like to spend under $1000 but will consider a clean turn key truck.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I made it . 3 tanks of fuel and 1200 miles ,

Saw two datsuns ,a red primered 720 with a guy in his 50s , dont think hes on here , it did look lowered but it could of been worn out too


and saw a clean blue 210 towed behind a bronco.

Crossed the boarder around noon and made it to Medford by 11. Slept at a rest stop in my camper , thank god it has a furnace or me and the dog would have froze to death.

Woke up early ,went for fuel and food then meet with Richard. Loaded up the truck and hit the road . Was a uneventful drive but now I have my next project:D









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