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Viynl 510 BRE stripes


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Hey guys does anyone here make or have connections to make the BRE/Datsun stripes logos for the fenders/door? I know there was a guy here on the forum, I cant recall who, who had is buddy make a set for his car and they looked real good....it was blue with white decals. I emailed him and he never responded. I have a good friend that owns a screen printing/decal company that can make anything for me but I just dont know the correct angle for the two stripes. The BRE paint schem lay it out real good minus the angle of them. Anyone know who had them made here or can get the angles I can have my buddy make them if anyone else is interested.......


I know a decal on paint is bound to F the paint up bt oh well....when that happens time to reshoot it a new color :)

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No I dont want the race decals, just the stripes in viynl......some dude had em made and it looked good. My car is a 4 door.....race stickers copyin the BRE would be all wrong:) But 4 race seats and harnesses would be a cool ass idea.....gettin groceries with the kids quick like! :)

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Andrew is five1oh. He may have exact specs for you. I am not sure how often he is on this site so I will pm his email to you.


The Datsun letters are 2" tall and 17" wide.

3" of height space between stripes where Datsun letters are.

Width of stripe is 6".

4 3/4" height on top stripe.

1 1/8" space in the middle between each stripe.

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I'm interested in 2 sets of stripes. 1 in black and 1 in silver, please give me a call and let me know how soon I can get these.

Mike- 702-592-2749




This isn't a for sale ad... Not to mention the last post was 3 years ago...


Try here:



Still not a for sale ad, but you might have better luck.

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