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Naps Z 5 speed with L series bell housing

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a 5speed aye? I'm gonna have to see if I can scrounge up some change. :D


can you measure it from bell to tail?


ya Ill go out and measure in the morning.


and just so its clear I have the bell for it but I havent put in on yet

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If from the S12 it will be the same length as the '73-'79 620 4 and 5 speeds at 31.5". I have an '80 200sx 5spd in my truck. I'll check when I get home but I think it is lower geared like the '77-'79 truck with a 3.5?? first gear. I'll check.

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I broke the bolts loose for you and inspected the inside. It looks good in there.:D


thanks Eric :D wish I could keep it for the goon,

truth be told tho the 4 speed dosent bother me at all :cool: the goon never sees over ~70 :lol:

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its about ~32in long and its marked 82 200sx my bad :P which is still the S110 chassis and all Z motors.



S12's (84-88?) got CA's, VG30 and an FJ20


Yeah S110 my bad. '82 had the Z22E so the ratios were identical to the 280z and '79zx and also the '77-'78 620 truck.

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