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Lownslow's Project Sik20


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Well I have been working on my 78' Datsun 620 for a while now. I have been mostly collecting parts up till I had enough to really make some progress on it. So here it goes. I have as mentioned above a 78' 620. I am inn the progress of bagging it right now. I have a 1995 ka24de in ti that I still need to wire in. I willl take care of that after the sparks have settled down. This build will be a customization and a restoration. I plan on doing a sfbd this summer.












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Sweet! more pics......more pics.....:D


Lookin nice though. Seems like the bag instal went well....are you fabbing it all yourself or do you have some help?


I am fabbing as much as I can myself. I have been and currently work in a sawmill mfg. facility, so I have a whole machine shop at my disposal. I got the lower link bars welded up yesterday. I will get pics soon. As soon as I get the material for the uppers, I will get the back started.

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I got in the shop today and got some more work done on the datto. I finished up the front bag install. Got it cleaned up from being in stored under an open barn during peanut season, and stripped all the old tint off. I will be starting on the back next weekend. I have the lower link bars welded already. I will be cutting out the notches next.






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