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I was looking around ebay and found this l20b cam for my build, but I really dont know if the price is reasonable.



Do you think it will work fine with a stock head or use a L16 ported head?


And if someone here has a spare L20b cam for sale please make me an offer.Thanks.



***Please can someone move it to Parts Wanted please? ***

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i can get you a used l20 cam, i am unsure of its condiditon, probably not too bad, i will go get it for cheap to help you out if you cant find one soon, let me know


Thank you gettobranden, I will take nismo dr's one....if anything happens on the way I will let you know and I really appreciate it.


Looks like about $20 pritority mail


can you send me the information for paypal transfer? and I reply you with the address.

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