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L20B Radiator Fan


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Doing 60 in my '78 620 and hit a buck a couple of weeks ago.


I've been able to repair everything, EXCEPT the fan.


I'm missing a blade and haven't had any luck finding a replacement fan.


I hate to pick y'alls brain, but is there an Altima Part of somthing that will fit ?


I tried to call Summit and Jegs and they pretty much laughed at me.


Thanks in advance.




PS... Love this site and have been secretly reading and learning for the two years I've had my truck.




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Left is the smaller L series water pump. Right is the Z20/22/24





Left is the L series fan blades. They wont interchange.



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I am actually in Central Texas.




In your second picture.... My fan is the one on the left.

It has a clutch.


Mine is fine, except I broke one blade completly off and I am worried that it will be off balance and will mess up the clutch over time.


I'm an honest buyer with purchases on Gunbroker and Ebay, if anyone has a fan that they would like to find a good home for please let me know.


Once again, I'ld like to thank y'all for your time. I should have come here as soon as my local NAPA told me that it would be tricky to find that fan.




Aaron Arguien

Martindale, TX





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Box it up brother.

Give me a price for shipping and dont forget the six pack surcharge !!!

I'm in Dallas for a Stars game and will get you a Postal money order when I get home.

Y'all are the best!!!!!!




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Hey sorry to tell you this but, I can't seem to find it anywhere... Its not where I last placed It seems to have just disappeared. :confused::confused:


Sorry for waisting you're time. If I happen to do find it I'll let yah know.


if ariascarlos cant find find the one he has/had i have one i will sell ya for the same price altho shipping may be just a bit higher just let me know

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i think your wanting/needing the one of the two on the top and not the one on the bottom i think the fin count is different from air conditioned trucks not real sure tho but it has been discussed on the forum just check and see if one of these is what your needing i will be happy to help you out





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Well thanks anyways man....It's the thought that counts.


Dr. Datsunstein,


Yep, that's the one that I need. I have NO Air Conditioning.


I'm going to PM you my info. I'm also going to assume that being from the Carolina's, you will forgo the 6 pack surcharge and be enforcing the "12 Pack Tax". :D


My mechanic that I use for my business, he also rebuilt CHEBO's engine. Well I call him Dr. Tony or "the good doctor".. It's only fitting that I find a part from a fella named Dr. Datsunstein. LMAO






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Just an FYI for those who run the non-clutch fan on L20b's. I was hit in an accident, and broke my Nissan fan. I used a 14" hot rod flex fan, and it works great and fits fine in the shroud. I've been running it for years with no issues whatsoever. So, in a pinch, you more than likely CAN get a fan that will work from SUmmit for Jegs as long as you have a non-clutch radiator fan.

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