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1971 L16 with 47k OG miles runs like a top!!!

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1971 L16 with 47k OG miles runs like a top!!! about to pull this motor from my car (510) it runs amazing. I pulled the valve cover to paint it krinkle black and could not belive what it looked like inside!!! im the second owner on the car and have all the records of maintance on the motor, and it still runs perfect can hum down the freeway 70mph no problem. it will come with a great working 2 speed auto everything is in the car works perfect and only has 47k or less on them. the carb dose have a few lil issues like if you push the gas fast from a take off it will stall or sometimes it idles high or some other random lil shit but over once you get moving it works great!!!!


im asking 500 or PM with offers and trades for 510 items ect!!











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