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Long Beds


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Where are the beds longer than a standard bed? In other words, will they bolt up to a standard bed chassis?


Bolt up?No.But anything fits with a smoke wrench & a buzz box.



I'm just looking at it from keeping minimal amount of scrap on my ranch.I'll probably turn one into a trailer and keep the other bed and shit can the rest.

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Why is it that stuff always surfaces AFTER You have completed a project and could have used a part that shows up????????????????


If I had've had ANY idea that You had two longbeds available, I would have NEVER cut the extended frame on the 4 door dually project to build the roadster truck. Just 5 months ago I would have driven right down to get those!!!! That way, I could have cut and removed the front frame rails on one of Yours and grafted it onto Makya's old truck. I then would have had not only a fourdoor longbed dually project but the roadster also!! If You are not rushed into having to get rid of them, I may be able to come down after the first of the year and get both. If not, it would help me GREATLY if You save all 4 of the lower bed panels (from the seams down) to replace Mine which are full of bondo. steroid620@yahoo.com Mike

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If I were going to all that trouble, I'd make it a long bed AND a king cab.


that right there is my fantasy! im going to do that! long beds look lower and king cabs look meaner GRRRRR. pulling up low n mean on the scene. plus you can fit sum subs in a king cab!

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The reg cab short wheelbase box and the KC long wheelbase boxes are essentially the same for dimensions and mounting points.


The reg cab long wheelbase box is longer forward and behind the rear wheel wells. Only the first mount forward and behind the wheel well on either side is the same as the the shorter box. Because the front and back of the box is longer the mounts at the very front and the very back are further out to match it.


I have a project in the works to shorten the front of a long box bed to fit on my KC frame. Because the long box is longer behind the axle than the KC this 'modified bastard' will be 5.3" longer than a regular KC. And if all goes right I will be able to keep the 5 bed hooks, so.....:fu:





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Ha ha. My wife was at the vet's 7-8 years ago and some dick had brought in this 2 month old pup with a broken leg. They cast him up and the guy refused to pay and skipped. My wife said what's going to happen to him? When he's healed he goes to the pound. So she says if you can't find a home for him, I'll take him. So of course they stopped looking and a few weeks later unknown to me, she shows up at home with 'the big dog'. That's what I named him much later when he got bigger than our old spaniel. I raised him, walked and fed him and taught him to fetch and stuff. I suspect she paid his bill too but I didn't ask. Did not want another dog but he trained me to love him and throw the ball and now he's my best friend.

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